About Richard Rieman

 The Audiobook and Videobook Wizard

With smiling Irish eyes and a rich, warm voice to match, Richard Rieman (Ree’man) is an Audible Approved Audiobook narrator,* audiobook and videobook producer, professionally trained Voice Actor, and author of “The Author’s Guide to AudioBook Creation.”


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*Audible Approved producers are the best audiobook producers in the business. Most have narrated and/or produced over 50 audiobooks that are available on Audible.com and have a verifiable record of achievement in the audiobook industry. These producers are identifiable on the ACX website by a special icon in their narrator profiles.

Richard is a four-time winner of Edge Studio’s National Script Recording Contests.



Praise for Richard Rieman's Narration

“I do not have enough words to describe how happy I am with the work narrator and producer Richard Rieman did for my book, Auschwitz #34207 – The Joe Rubinstein Story. Richard is an author’s dream come true! He is professional, knowledgeable, easy to work with, has a tremendous voice and the instinct for just the right inflection.

“If there was a way to give him five stars, I’d give him 10. If you are fortunate to have Richard Rieman on your audio book team, you won’t be sorry! He will bring life to your characters…with passion, heart and skill.”

Nancy Sprowell Geise, Author of "Auschwitz 34207 - The Joe Rubinstein Story" and "The Eighth Sea"

“As an author, you invest hundreds, if not thousands, of hours in crafting your story into written words, enough words to make it a book. Then you realize that this book could become even more alive as an audio version. But whom to add this dimension? Enter Richard Rieman, a man who has dedicated his working life to breathing life into the words of others.

“With Richard as my alter ego reading aloud my memoir, he faithfully reflected my enthusiasm, wonderment, pride, humility, fascination, and all those other emotions that make my story what it is. I feel blessed to have had Richard Rieman read and produce my audiobook.”

Bruce Comstock, Author of the ballooning adventure memoir "A Life in the Air"

“As an author, I’ve worked with Richard on eight projects now and he’s done a great job on all of them. What I really like is the way he can add a little laugh, or something similar to a smile, at just the right time. It brings the book to life and makes you want to keep listening.

“Trust me. I’ve listened to dozens of auditions, from so called voice artists – most of them are flat and dry, and would just put you to sleep. Listen to one of Richard’s books, and you’ll see he’s nothing like that. He can make your words leap off the page and encourage listeners to purchase more of your works.”

Nick Vulich, Author of "eBay 2015" and "Killing President Lincoln"

“I’m currently putting the final touches on the “The Treaty of Nine” series and I wanted to say, WOW! Hearing your reading again has just blown me away. It’s fantastic. You’ve done such an awesome job and it’s a huge motivation to get back to writing full time so I can hear you bring more characters to life.”

Adam Train, Sci-Fi & Fantasy Author of "Transcendent Tales"

“It was an absolute pleasure working with Richard Rieman to produce my audio book. Richard is very professional and is a great communicator. He guided me through the process step by step. He has a wonderful voice and his narration of SHOT DOWN could not have been better.”

Steve Snyder, Author of "Shot Down"

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Richard started his career in radio news at the RKO Radio Networks in NYC, WTOP in Washington DC, and WLS and WMAQ Radio in Chicago.

Richard has been active in the Nonprofit world, serving as Director of Development for New Beginnings, recording books for the blind at Learning Ally, reading stories to children at homeless shelters at The Reading Connection, and as a Ski Guide for Blind Skiers through the American Blind Skiing Foundation.

“I’ve been a pirate, a cowboy, a bootlegger, six aliens, two monsters, a world famous balloon pilot, and a B-17 bomber pilot shot down in WWII. I’ve traveled to other times, dimensions, mysterious islands and haunted houses. I’ve helped you sell stuff on eBay and self-publish your Kindle book.

I’m Richard Rieman, and I am an Audible Approved audiobook narrator of dozens of audiobooks. I’m a performer in the theater of the mind.

I’ve been a professional writer since I was seven. I discovered that if I wrote stories that included my 2nd grade classmates names (on a ruled piece of paper, both sides, in pencil), they would give me 5 cents to read them. Bingo! Comic book money.

Now, when I narrate an audiobook, I quietly tell you in your headphones:
Listen to me, I have something important-interesting-dramatic-funny-entertaining-wonderful to tell you!”