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Audiobook Masterclass 

Your Partnership in Audiobook Creation

EXACTLY How to Get Your Audiobook Created!

Stop watching everyone else join the Audiobook Revolution–and start cashing in on your unique content!

You are a self/indie-published author with a big problem.

It took so much money to create and market your book, you have little left over for an audiobook version.

But, you know you can gain a bigger, dedicated listener base with the audiobook market, as well as make more money from your already created book!

The only problem is, creating an audiobook sounds like a huge undertaking. You imagine all the madness that probably goes into it…

  • Like deciding whether to narrate it yourself...and how.
  • How to find a great narrator!
  • Whether to pay a narrator or split royalties with them
  • Deciding which platform to create your audiobook on…
  • Not to mention all the audiobook marketing and promotion you’d have to do to actually turn a profit…
  • But, you’ve heard success stories about audiobooks winning awards and making moneyfrom existing contentIt’s enough to make even the smartest author have a minor break down. But 

    here’s the answer