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It is critical to the success of your audiobook to have it listed in your best categories/genres on Audible.  Many authors and narrators don’t realize that you have the power to choose the top 3 categories for your audiobook from over 200 categories! Use the power of search to get your audiobook discovered by your future fans.


Here is how to make sure an audiobook produced through Amazon’s ACX (Audiobook Creation Exchange) is listed in the categories/genres you prefer.

A great start is looking at the most successful sales rankings for your book and Kindle versions. They are on your Amazon book page under “Product Details.” In this case, these rankings are for a fantasy book that is a “dark fantasy.”

This audiobook is in the “Fantasy” category, but can also be listed in Fantasy/Dark Fantasy, Fantasy/Epic, or a few other options. Here is a link to the list below of the over 200 categories available on Audible.


Select the three categories you would like, along with corresponding sub-categories, and email your selections to Include a link to your audiobook’s Audible page. (NOTE: the email must come from the author’s Amazon/ACX email.)

These categories will be for the Audible listing only and will not change the categories for Amazon or iTunes independently from Audible.

Make it easy for fans of your genre to find your audiobook on Audible by putting it in the best categories for your title. There are over 200 categories. Choose 3!

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  • monica on 01/19/2021 03:38:16

    Sometimes, it is hard to find the audiobook I like when there are too many categories. So I only search for audiobooks from the Bestsellers list. And I need a category for free books, like this